Enjoy Food Trucks, enjoy street food!

Enjoy Food Trucks, enjoy street food!

You can hear that in more and more US cities. This enthusiasm has more and more Americans start their own food truck business. Food trucks sell delicious food made with local ingredients, served fresh by the chef. These mobile kitchens let us get a taste of the world. Especially when they combine Asian food with European dishes or Mexico's best sellers with Indian cuisine. Every day a new Food Truck comes up with a great new dish. We get to enjoy the food in a relaxed unconventional way while chatting with other food enthusiasts. We are thrilled. We enjoy eating, drinking or relaxing.

Foodtrucks America is the right platform for your success

For us from Foodtrucks America, enjoying great dishes is our main goal. Every hungry and even not so hungry :-) man, woman or child gets a great overview of what’s going on in their area. „Where is the next Food Truck?“, „Where is the next gourmet burger truck going to be?”. Our international platform for Food Trucks brings the worldwide conversation to a new level. Join us and make the most of our huge network. Let the thousands of daily visitors know what great dishes you have as a Food Truck owner. Our Food Truck platform has proven successful in Germany whether via Smartphone App, website, Facebook App, Twitter Integration or email services. More than one hundred thousand enthusiastic customers use our services to find the next Food Truck. We now also support you, the Food Truck owner now also in America with professional articles on how to about be successful in the mobile food business, with numerous background reports that offer the opportunity to be guided by the stars of the Food Truck business, and general information as well as many answers to the most urgent questions. All free of charge.

Food Trucks in America

A great enthusiasm makes more and more Americans start their own food truck business. Here are some selected delicious Food Trucks.

Foodtrucks America App

With our iOS, Android and Windows Phone App the Food Truck schedules are available on most smartphones worldwide. Any change is transmitted in real time so the Apps are always up to date in less than one second. The maintenance of the tour data is carried out by the Food Truck operators themselves. We give the best experience of data quality to our customers. The App starts with a very user friendly Google map and shows the Food Trucks around you and beyond. So every hungry customer can find his favorite Food Truck every day. That’s it? NO, furthermore we also think of the new Food Truck enthusiasts who are searching for something special. Our huge list of Food Trucks provides details about dishes and owners with their enthusiasm for great food. On one single screen customers can have all the info about their next breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Significant advantages

Foodtrucks America brings together Food Truck owners and customers. All Apps, website and API are constantly enhanced. New functionalities are helping Food Truck owners to be successful and customers to find the next Truck as fast as possible. Foodtrucks America is a subsidiary of Foodtrucks Germany, where the love for great food is as big as in the US. We stand for the highest standard of quality and our 1.5 million interactions per month tell us we are doing the right thing. Take a chance and be part of the fastest growing Food Truck platform worldwide!

Your own Food Truck

If you are one of these enthusiastic Food Truck owners and very proud of your dishes and truck, tell us your story. Are you a Lunch Truck owner or do you prefer to serve only breakfast? Let us know what your passion is. Send us an email or contact us via Facebook. It doesn't matter the kind of communication the important thing is that we receive your story.

Prerequisites for being a part of Foodtrucks America:

  • You sell Food out of a Truck or a comparable vehicle
  • Your dishes are awesome, freshly prepared and loved by your customers in your home town
  • You drive around with your Truck and have a schedule changing weekly or biweekly.
  • You use your Website and Social Media for your communications with your customers
  • You have fun being part of the biggest growing Food Truck community worldwide

Foodtrucks Americas roots – Foodtrucks Germany

Foodtrucks Germany was founded in 2013 in Bavaria, Germany. One of the founders, Klaus P. Wünsch, has driven his own Food Truck called RibWich. He was the first person who brought Food Trucks to Germany. This was in 2010. His first Food Truck was a Freightliner imported from the US. Years later he started another Food Truck called Goud which sells typical Bavarian Food. Both Food Trucks are still very successful so he decided to move on to the next step.

Together with Markus Wolf, who is a food blogger and innovation manager, he started Foodtrucks Germany as an independent project. But it very quickly became clear that a greater involvement was necessary. So in 2013 they started developing a whole digital infrastructure for the fast growing Food Truck business in Germany. Nowadays our Food Truck platform is available in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Spain and the USA.

Take a chance and be part of the fastest growing Food Truck platform worldwide!